IT tenders is a B2B Platform for IT Services

We tackle the most prominent challenges IT service buyers face

Technical problems require very specific technical skills and solutions. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, IT tenders helps you find the providers who have exactly the skills you are looking for.

The gap between growing demand and a sinking supply of specialized IT service providers puts extra stress on buyers. IT tenders enables you to nearshore IT service providers with minimal effort and fast results.

We Provide the Tools - You Make the Decision

We support Strategic Buying by providing insights into your preferred suppliers’ skills to optimize your supplier portfolio

We support your role as a compliance manager by making decisions transparent and preventing Maverick Buying

We help your decision making process by revealing the gaps between your requirements and the providers’ expertise.

IT tenders brings transparency to skill and supplier portfolios.

Our IT Benchmarking Data Facilitates IT Cost Reduction

Obtain our customizable IT benchmarking data packages with the currect average rates of service providers. We can filter our data by skill cluster, region within the EU, seniority level, and company size.

With our IT Benchmarking data, you can answer questions such as:

"What is the average daily rate of a senior python programmer in Croatia?"

"Would nearshoring certain skills be more cost-effective?"

"What is the current consulting hourly rate in the DACH region?"

IT tenders Protects your Data

We understand that project descriptions contain details that your company would like to safeguard from competitors. IT tenders only reveals tenders to IT service providers in your long list who have matched your project description.

IT Service Provider Categories on Our B2B Platform

On IT tenders, you can find providers of different sizes with expertise in a variety of technical fields

The size classes are based on the number of employees of the providers.

IT tenders Fully Supports Your Nearshore Strategy

Ensure a smooth collaboration with nearshore providers that are subjected to and are familiar with European legal standards and compliance regulations.

Find providers whose skills match your requirements, no matter the language in which the providers have marketed themselves.

The plot shows the distribution of providers on IT tenders across the EU countries.

How does IT tenders work?

Unlike other B2B platforms, IT tenders requires only minimal input from both parties, providers and buyers.

Buyers, a PDF of your project description and 5 minutes of your time is all it takes to create a tender on our platform.

IT tenders then takes over, automatically extracting your requirements, matching and notifying suitable providers, and delivering a short list of interested candidates for you to make the ultimate decision.

Buyers upload a project description. IT tenders automatically finds and notifies suitable IT service providers. We deliver insights into the expertise of providers who have responded to help buyers make the best choice possible.


There are no contractual commitments or ongoing costs. Instead, we operate on a simple pay-per-use model.

We charge a fee of 50€ for each tender you create, which will be invoiced to you. These costs are applicable once you upload a requirements document and initiate an RFI or RFP. All other features, including account creation and account maintenance, are freely accessible at no cost. You only pay for our matching service, and we do not take any commission.

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