Who offers services on IT tenders?

You can find more than 20 000 service providers on IT tenders

  • IT service providers (software developers, IT architects, system specialists,…)
  • Consultants
  • Marketing specialists
  • Designers

… and the number of providers is constantly growing. Innovative SMEs and even big service providers are in IT tenders.

The graph shows which sector is currently found in our platform and to what extent.

Kompetenzbereiche auf IT tenders

How does IT tenders work?

Do tenders require great effort? Not on IT tenders! Just fill out a few fields, upload requirements specifications, sit back, and relax.

If you don't have a specification document yet or if you want to first explore modern solutions for your business, you can also create a Request for Information (RFI) to discover the services and solutions offered by providers

IT tenders supports every step of the process, from the service description, the creation of a longlist ("matching") and the bid review to the conclusion of the contract.

Unterstützte Prozesse auf IT tenders

Create a Project Description

Defining the project description is a crucial step leading to the publishing of a tender. To do so, you will need a requirement specification document for the services needed. If you already have one, creating a tender on IT tenders will only take a few minutes. Our AI will automatically extract the required skills from the specification document.

If you are still missing a specification document, our colleagues can help you create it. If you have not yet formulated concrete requirements, you can also create a Request for Information (RFI), and thus inform yourself about the services and solutions offered by providers.

Only a few extra pieces of information are needed, such as project duration, contract type, and project start. Additionally, you can specify the number of references wanted and annual income.

As a result, you will have a competency profile based on your requirements. The extracted skills are displayed and you can edit them as necessary.


Based on the competency profile, our system will automatically determine the number of suitable candidates for your project and estimate the expected response rate. This estimation is based on our previous data.

Now you can activate the tender, sit back, and wait for the offers to arrive.


Evaluate Proposals

With tenders on IT tenders, you can reach over 20,000 providers, ranging from small-scale enterprises to large system houses with hundreds of employees.

Your tenders will only be addressed to service providers whose skill portfolios align with the requirements of your project, ensuring that you receive offers only from suitable providers.

The tender remains active for about two weeks, giving respondents sufficient time to draft their proposals, and ensuring you receive a good number of responses.

Once offers are received, the choice is yours. To facilitate this process, we present the providers' skills and information in a clear and visually appealing format.

Once you have chosen a provider, you can proceed to contact them and discuss the terms and conditions together. IT tenders is not involved in the contract, and no commissions are applicable.

Screenshot Angebotsbewertung

What is special about IT tenders?

IT tenders offers an automated, AI-powered, longlist generation based on a vast candidate pool.

This entails:

  • Creating project descriptions with minimal effort
  • Cost Savings through reduced overhead, as specialists can be directly targeted
  • Enhanced quality, since experts bring a wealth of expertise compared to generalists who need time to familiarize themselves with the subject matter
  • Agile procurement, ensuring that the necessary know-how is readily available when needed


There are no contractual commitments or ongoing costs. Instead, we operate on a simple pay-per-use model.

We charge a fee of 50€ for each tender you create, which will be invoiced to you. These costs are applicable once you upload a requirements document and initiate an RFI or RFP. All other features, including account creation and account maintenance, are freely accessible at no cost. You only pay for our matching service, and we do not take any commission.

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