Gain Visibility on IT tenders

IT service buyers and providers struggle to find each other.

Buyers must search through thousands of browser results to find your company. Meanwhile, you compete with countless companies for a spot on the first page of search results.

IT tenders offers service providers a fair entry to the competitive world of tenders. You will be instantly visible to buyers based on the skills and experience you have accumulated.

IT service providers gain visibility on IT tenders
It service providers find suitable IT projects on IT tenders

Find Suitable IT Projects

IT tenders enables you to browse through public European tenders, add interesting ones to your watchlist and apply to those you find most suitable.

We bring you Buyer's Prior Information Notices, offering you a chance to pitch your ideas and solutions before the tender is officially drafted and published.

IT tenders Gives You Valuable Insights

Our insights are designed to maximize your chances of being commissioned and to avoid wasting your time and effort drafting a proposal for unsuitable IT projects.

Discover your competitive position regarding IT projects. IT tenders gives you insights based on the compatibility of your company's skill portfolio with a tender. Hence, you can apply for tenders where you would be a top candidate.

It tenders reveals buyers' tendencies from past collaborations. We tell you which companies have been commissioned and which company sizes and locations seem to be of a buyer’s preference.

IT tenders Values Your Skills

On IT tenders, your experience, expertise, and skills are what matters. Your skill portfolio serves as the basis for matching your company to buyers' IT projects.

Our processes are designed to surpass any language barrier and to be unbiased toward company location or size.

Top six demanded skills on IT tenders: software development, business & management, IT infrastructure & cloud-computing, Marketing, communication & media, project management, and artificial intelligence.

IT tenders Keeps You Up-to-Date

It tenders searches for compatible new tenders daily and informs you as soon as you've got a match.

If you’ve added tenders to your watchlist, IT tenders informs you about any of their updates.

IT tenders notifies you about upcoming suitable tenders, before they are even published.

How Does IT tenders Work?

To start your IT tenders journey, you only need to provide your company's URL, or, if you prefer, a PDF of your company's skill portfolio.

IT tenders automatically extracts the skills and creates your company profile. The skills on your company profile will be the basis for matching with potential IT service buyers.

The IT tenders process for an IT service provider comprises the following steps: company profile creation, matching against buyers' project descriptions, assessment of longlist, sending proposal to suitable buyers, and final negotiations.


The first month is a free trial month. Cancellation is possible at any time.
Standard Plan
Find tenders that are a perfect fit for your company. For (smaller) companies whose services can be well described in a single profile.
- Match your offer with more than thousand projects monthly in the market
- Apply for suitable projects
- Competition information
- Information about your chances of success
- Requests for Proposal: receive inquiries and submit proposals.
- Requests for Information: Answer inquiries about your solution offering.
- Notification of changes to tenders on your watch list.
Profile-dependent, max. EUR 25.00 per month
Extended Plan
Find tenders that exactly match the different services your company provides. For (larger) companies with diversified service portfolio.
- All the benefits of the Standard Plan.
- Additionally: Create up to 5 profiles, e.g. for different areas of your company.
Profile-dependent, max. EUR 57.00 per month