Who can use IT tenders?

IT tenders is primarily designed for the following providers:

  • IT service providers (software developers, IT architects, system specialists,…)
  • Consultants
  • Marketing specialists
  • Designers
  • Engineering

The graph illustrates the current representation and distribution of these areas on our platform.

How does IT tenders work?

AI-Based Matchings Between Project Descriptions and Your Portfolio

We determine your portfolio profile quite easily by having our crawler visit your website. Our AI extracts your skills and displays them in a listed format. These skills serve as the basis for the project search. Of course, you have the option to edit these skills if needed. Your portfolio is automatically compared to the requirements found in project descriptions. If there is a match, you will receive a notification.

Determining Your Chances of Success

With the help of AI, we analyze thousands of profiles to determine your competitive position for each suitable project. This helps you quickly decide whether it is worth submitting an offer. By accurately gauging the probability of success, you can efficiently allocate your resources and focus your effort and time on opportunities that hold the greatest potential for favorable outcomes.

If you want to enhance your chances of success, our partners will certainly provide you with the right insights and guidance.

Portfolio-Darstellung der Erfolgsaussichten exemplarisch
Sunburst Diagramm mit bisherigen Beauftragungen

Insights into the Competitive Landscape

Which comparable contracts have been granted by a service buyer in recent years? To whom and on what terms? Who are the competitors for a project? How many offers does the service buyer receive on average per invitation to a project? This information and more are shown by our evaluations at the tender level.

Notification Upon Tender Updates

You will receive automatic notifications if there are any changes to the tenders on your watchlist.

Vernetzte agile Teams


Find Collaboration Partners

If a project is too large for you to handle alone, you can easily find partners to collaborate on IT tenders with the help of AI.

What kind of projects does IT tenders offer?


We search through all major public tenders in the IT field and related sectors. In addition, we analyze commercial tenders from leading agencies and from service buyers that are posted directly on our platform. This amounts to several hundred tenders per week.


The first month is a free trial month. Cancellation is possible at any time.
Standard Plan
Find tenders that are a perfect fit for your company. For (smaller) companies whose services can be well described in a single profile.
- Match your offer with several hundred projects monthly in the market
- Apply for suitable projects
- Information about your chances of success
  25 EUR/Month (plus VAT.)
Extended Plan
Find tenders that exactly match the different services your company provides. For (larger) companies with diversified service portfolio.
- All the benefits of the Standard Plan.
- Additionally: Create up to 5 profiles, e.g. for different areas of your company.
57 EUR/Month (plus VAT.)